cPanel AutoSSL Failing


I'm running AutoSSL for cPanel/WHM for any domain and getting this error, despite valid DCV:

WARN (XID d6kuwa) An ACME order failed finalization (status: processing)! This probably indicates either a server error or an error in AutoSSL’s Let’s Encrypt provider. at /usr/local/cpanel/Cpanel/SSL/Auto/Run/ line 393.

I wasn't able to find anyone else receiving this error. Is there a way to get more verbose information on what this means exactly?

Thank you.


We are getting the same error as well today.

Having the same issue on all our servers.

Me too :sleepy:

Certificates are now issuing. Looks like the issue has been resolved.

A change had accidentally enabled async order finalization in production. cPanel isn't yet compatible with that change in behavior on our side. I'm sorry about the trouble! We've now reverted the change, so things should be back to normal. We'll keep you updated on what we learn at our post-incident review.


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