So i accedently "reached my limit" some how

Meanwhile I am trying to get my other subdomains SSL Sertificates I thought first adding the subdomains to my domain at the renewal and forcing it to renewal, meanwhile that corrupted it so i deleted it to try to redo everything as i did first when i downloaded letsencrypt and now im stuck with the Reached my limit. Tips?

My quick fix was copying cert1.pem chain1.pem privkey1.pem fullchain1.pem to /etc/letsencrypt/live/—/
And renaming them without 1, of course this worked but i am guessing i am going to struggle again when i required to renew my SSL Certificates.

There is a limit of 5 certs / domain / 7 days. So when it comes to renewal you should be OK as long as it’s more than 7 days away.

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Yes but wouldn’t i still have error with the renewal config beeing deleted?

depending exactly what was deleted, then you may need to create a new certificate rather than using the auto renew for the first time.

Well the renewal configuration for current domain (only have 1 domain)

personally I don’t use the official letsencrypt, so I don’t know for certain I’m afraid, someone else may be able to answer.

Oh, you’re one of the beta testers? :stuck_out_tongue: I guess i came to late for becoming one.

I was a beta tester, but it was more that the official client didn’t fit my requirements ( I wanted to automate certs on remote servers where I couldn’t install the official client ), so I wrote my own client specifically for that ( getssl ) which is what I use. I’ve nothing against the official client, it just didn’t fit my requirements, which is why I can’t really give detailed advice on the official client.

Sounds interesting :slight_smile:

What is the difference between the Full certificate and the Staging one?

The staging one is signed by “Happy Hacker” rather than LE, so it isn’t recognised as trusted in browsers - other than that ( and not having the rate limits) it’s exactly the same. So great for testing, but not what you want for your live site :wink:

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oh, so that’s the talk about Happy Hacker :smiley: I am afraid I do not know too much about the SSL Certificates but I am willingly to learn fast :smiley: And you’re right, but Is there a possibility to use Lets Encrypt for MySQL SSL Encryption?

Yes, you can use a standard SSL cert for MySQL SSL connections.