Rate limits & stupid guy

Hello everyone! I apologize for my english, hope you will understand.
At the moment, I’m experimenting with my VPS and I often have to reinstall the OS.
Always when I did this I asked for a certificate for my domain from letsencrypt and I lost private keys for all of them (yes I am an idiot).
Now I understand that it was mistake. What can I do now? I really don’t want to wait 1 week.
I’m need only one more SSL certificate and that’s all.

There seems to be no way to reset the limit. Very sad…

What’s the exact error message you’re seeing? If it’s the “Duplicate Certificate” limit of 5 per week, one way to get around that would be to temporarily add some other subdomain or domain, or remove one. Any change to the set of domains on the certificate will bypass that particular limit. If you ran into the “Certificates per Registered Domain” limit of 20 per week, there’s indeed no way around it and you’ll have to wait a week (starting from the time you issued the first certificate in that period).

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