Lost SSL Certification

About 3 weeks ago I requested a SSL Certifiction. I received it. However, in about 2 hours my computer crashed on me and I had to start all over again. Still working on it. In this case, what is it that I need to do? Can I request a new one, what's the story. Can someone help me?

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You may restore from your backup the key and certificates. If it is not available, you just request a new certificate, the same way as you did earlier.

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Let's Encrypt does prevent you from doing this too often, but in this case "too often" is roughly defined as "more than five times per week", rather than "more than once in three weeks"!

I was/am going to request a new one. If I can't. Then I guess I'm SOL until next round. I'm a newbie, what can I say?

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