Too many certificates for the same domain


I didn’t realize what I was doing and requested too many for the same domain in the last day.

Now what? I can’t move forward with my project. Help!!!



Two things:

  • the Duplicate Certificate rate limit of 5 certs per week is a sliding window: 7 days after the first certificate you can issue a new certificate with that set of domain names
  • by adding a new (sub)domain you can bypass the Duplicate Certificate for your current limit. Obviously, if you get multiple certificates with that new set of domain names, you can only have 5 of them in one week
  • if the actual limit you’ve ran into is the 50 certs per week (Certificates per Registered Domain), you’re out of luck and just have to wait 7 days (or earlier if the first certificate is already older than today)

Also, please read the staging environment page about the staging server, on which you should and should have tested things.

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