When I combine multiple Subdomains, one at a time, what is the limit?

It is just an general question.
When I update my cert. multiple times to add more subdomains, could I run into,
Certificates per Registered Domain limit (50 per week),
Duplicate Certificate limit (5 per week)?

Hi @aceone777

if you add a subdomain, you create a certificate with a new set of domain names.

So it’s impossible to hit that limit

But if you do that 51 times per week, then you create 50 new certificates -> 51 will fail.

Well just to clarify that, you said the 50 times per week limit counts, not the 5 per week. (You quoted the 5 per week limit)

6 Identical cert requests within a week will also fail.

I think @JuergenAuer correctly stated the results of these two limits but referred to them incorrectly. The duplicate certificate limit can never be reached when reissuing for new subdomains, but the certificates per registered domain limit will be reached by the 51st certificate issued within a short timeframe.

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