How to increase amount of certificat?

Hi, i want to increase amount of certificate about my domain. I have 7 domain name but i’m restrict to 5.
How i can do it ?
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The rate limit for domains is 5 certificates / domain / 7 days. ( if you have multiple subdomains on one certificate it’s still only one certificate ). If you want more, simply spread them over time.

I have 1 domain and 7 subdomains

You can have all of those on a single certificate if you want to ( you can include up to 100 alternate names on a certificate )

If you want them on individual certificates, then the easiest may be to automate them one a week, and you would never get close to the limit. You could do 5 this week, and 2 next week, personally though I don’t like being close to the limit of 5 per 7 days, so I only request a couple per week, in case there are ever issue at renewal time.