Exceeded the limit for certificates on single domain


So I was getting started with lets encrypt and I was able to actually use the client and generate the certificates that I needed. However I was having trouble finding the certificates I needed because the alias links didn’t work (running OS X server Yosemite). This gave me confusion and I soon figured out where the certificates were saved too late. I have made certificate requests 10 times thus exceeding the limit of 10 per 59 days (which was not intended). But each request is for the exact same domain and each was an attempt at trying to make the certificate. Which means I have a bunch of wasted certificates that are for the exact same domain that I can’t really use. Only 1 of them is useful. The client even tells me that I can’t issue any more certificates for other subdomains. Is it possible to get this reset so I can make the certificates for the other subdomains or do I need to wait until the 59 days are up?


The rates for a single domain name are per 7 days, so you only need to wait 7 days. There is no alternative I’m afraid.


Oh. Ok I will try it next week then. Hopefully it works. Thanks!


Yep. Problem is resolved after waiting about one week. I couldn’t find the one post that said it’s 5 Certificates every 7 days but I can say that this limit is reasonable for beta.


You can find the applicable topic via the link in the answer to the question “What are the current rate limits?” in the FAQ. See the Pinned Topics in this forum (above all topics).


also the post on current rate limits