Site with LE slow; trying to connect to non-secure sites(?)


I’m about to set up a webshop and a friend of mine took care of the ssl. Now, the site is very slow to load, and my friend said that there are links in the theme that the site is trying to connect to. There might also be a problem with the favicon, logo and a couple of other things running on http and not https. Replaced all http’s with https in css and js files, but still no joy. I usually take care of the marketing part, so this is unfamiliar territory for me. Not sure what else to tell you, so feel free to ask.

Not getting the padlock in the address bar, I get the i with the circle around it. I checked the site with and got a “Mixed content tests failed” error.



Can you please share us your domain name so we can take a look at it?

Thank you


Sure, here it is. edited to protect site.


Your Domain is all fine.

However, there are a few images coming from which use http which imposed error messages.

Also, the slow loading is not an SSL (neither config or certificates) problem. On developer console, google maps are reporting errors since there is no API key.

Few things you can do to reduce the load problem:

  1. Input an API key for Google Maps.
  2. manually change those pictures to https. (pictures imported from other sites)

Thank you


Thanks for the reply! Any tool I can use to identify what pictures I need to change?


You can use any browsers’ Developer Console, network site and check for all http picture.

Thank you


Thanks for the help! I’ll look into it right away.


Got caught up in other things - any way to do this automatically? Plugin or something?


That’s not quite possible from apache/nginx since it’s using other server (not yours).
However, you can try change the web site url to your https site ( instead of
and see if it makes any difference

Thank you


Would it make the site faster to edit to https? The pages doesn’t exist, as far as I can see, so wouldn’t that slow down my site?

But I could replace the urls with my own - but where do I do that? Can’t for the life of me find out how. My gosh it’s been a long week…


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