Site slow after activating SSL

After activating SSL to my site ( it goes slow down, What should I do to boost up the site speed? thanks

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Check CPU usage.
Check MEM usage.
Check DISK usage.


Okay thanks for the speedy reply.


Might also want to look at the coding and structure of your site.

There are many online tools to diagnose performance issues

One of these,, showed slow loading of some larger css files were blocking the start of rendering. Problems like this are well beyond the scope of this forum. Just wanted to give you more ideas of what to look at.

Good luck


Loading lots of individual files also slows things down, so you could consider bundling of js and css files (you have a lot) and also check out the google chrome "Lighthouse" report in the Chrome developer tools.

Your server seems to be using compression and modern versions of http etc, which is great. You might want to check out Cloudflare if you have users from many countries because they provide free geographically distributed caching which does speed things up considerably.


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