Site not loading properly after installing certificate


I have forum which is on mybb script. Now when I have installed letsencrypt cerificate via zerossl my site is not loading properly. I mean the templates are messed up. So, I uninstalled the certificate for the time being.

If anybody kind enough to share some information regarding this then will be very grateful.

And also my forum is in the root directory if anybody wants to know.


The usual cause of this problem is that your site still refers to its stylesheets, javascript etc using their old http:// URLs instead of https://

I’m not familiar with MyBB but this information may help with fixing it. You may need to change the ‘bburl’ from http to https.


Thanks for the quick reply. I will definitely check it out. And let you know.


@jmorahan is correct, your problem is called “Mixed content”:

Here is some automated way to fix it after you corrected the links you found using @jmorahan advice:

From @ScottHelme :


Yeah, I am checking it now.


Sorry, to post late. Its working.

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