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I am writing in relation to your last notification to renew the security certificate for this domain:

I would like to inform that our webmaster left the company years ago and we have no information about username, password. Also, we do not know how to proceed.
Could you please assist?

When you started your post in the Help category, a number of questions were presented. You should have answered them; they would make it much easier for us to answer productively. But right now, your certificate expires in 9 minutes. You’ll need to issue a new one. Start here:

Thank for your prompt reply. I am aware of the list of questions presented. However, I don’t have the adequate answers. For the time being ,please let me know what are the implications of failing to renew / not issuing a new certificate on the website.

Your advice is highly appreciated

If you do not renew and replace a certificate before it expires, anyone visiting your website will be presented with a security error for an expired certificate. It will look like the screenshot below in Chrome, for example.

You don’t really need a username or password for Let’s Encrypt - all the necessary information should be stored on the server itself (unless, of course, you also lack the credentials for that machine.)

Thank you again.

You mentioned server. Do you mean Web server? I don’t think I have any credentials.
Do you think a web developer can be of help in this matter?


Yes, you’ll need credentials to access your web server and renew the certificate. Are you paying for Web hosting? Perhaps you can find out what company is hosting your web site by checking your credit card bill or invoice. Then, you could call them and ask them to reset your password or provide further guidance. You should probably also find another web developer to help you through the process.

That is very helpful.
Again many thanks

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