Request to unblock rate limit

Hi, I blocked my domain due to too many certificate requests.


I am running a nginx Docker image using, on AWS.

The reason this happened is because the configuration in my docker-compose.yml file was not properly setting a volume. Therefore, every time a deployment was performed, the previous certificate would be lost and a new one requested.

Before, it was:

      - "/etc/letsencrypt"

I changed to:

      - "/opt/data/letsencrypt:/etc/letsencrypt"

Thanks to this fix, the certificate is not lost anymore at each restart. I tested using the staging endpoint and indeed no new certificate is requested when a deployment is made.

The error produced before was:

An unexpected error occurred:

There were too many requests of a given type :: Error creating new cert :: too many certificates already issued for exact set of domains: see

Would be possible to unblock my domain? Sorry for having wrongly used Let’s Encrypt previously.

Hi @emramos,

I’m sorry but no, there is no way to request that kind of rate limit unblock so you should wait 6 days, till 2018-Nov-10 08:41 UTC.

Anyway, as you hit the 5 duplicated certificates per 7 days limit, right now you could issue a new certificate if you add one domain to your cert, I mean, you are using so you could add too to your cert and get it right now.


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Thanks for the clear answer and suggestions, @sahsanu . I thought that the only way to have the domain unblocked was by a manual request. I’ll follow your suggestion for the moment and wait next week for having the original domain unblocked.


This is for a different problem called "blocked due to ridiculously excessive traffic"; if you don't have that specific message, there's no benefit to making a manual request.

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