Request to Remove Blacklisting for

We regret to inform you that our domain,, has been blacklisted for the next 24 hours. This blacklist is a result of technical issues we encountered while generating certificates, which caused an unintended surge of requests.

We kindly request the Let's Crypt team to assist us by removing the blacklist from our domain immediately. Our inability to generate certificates during this period is impacting our operations and user experience.

Manual intervention into rate limits is not possible and is not a productive request to be making.

Let's Encrypt does not have any rate limits that have a 24 hour window.

Posting the exact rate limit that has been reached (i.e. the exact error message) will help you faster than anything.


This is the issue we’re facing.

What shows?:
certbot certificates

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Yea it is a certbot certificate.
Thank you :+1:

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Please run the command below and show the output:

certbot certificates


Please use one of the previously issued 5 duplicate certificates. Testing should be done on the staging environment (where the rate limits are much less strict), not on the production environment. Certificates should be saved on persistent storage, not on ephemeral storage. Documentation should be read before starting to work with any service. Thank you.


How to resolve the current issue?
Regarding testing it has already been done on the production and we were blacklisted .

And so we can confirm that you actually still have one of them to use.


See for yourself:
[there are five certs issued between yesterday and today] |


We are using one of them now, it’s showing an output of bad certificate.

Then you are NOT using one of the new ones - they are NOT bad.
When you run certbot certonly it does't install the cert into whatever program uses it.
It ONLY updates the cert.
So, which program uses the cert?
How does that program use the cert?


As already said, testing should be done on the staging environment. Please keep that in mind for your next testing. Rate limits cannot be removed manually. I'm afraid this is a situation where the proverb "you have to reap what you sow" is fitting.

That said, if the command certbot certificates, as requested multiple times now by Rudy but we yet have to see the output, shows a valid certificate, your rate limit isn't the actual problem here.


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