Renewing Existing Certificate using cPANEL


Oi guys!

I generated an SSL certificate here from the Let’s website, and I installed it on my server using the Cpanel tool. My certificate should expire between today and tomorrow.

Is there a process to renew this certificate or do I need to generate a new SSL?


Oi @ctmdti,

At a technical level, renewal always means making a new certificate; there is no way in the certificate technology to extend the lifetime of an existing certificate.

However, some tools refer to a process of obtaining and installing a new certificate with identical coverage in place of the old one as “renewal” (for example, our Certbot tool uses that term). This is a pretty common term in the industry, but it always technically involves getting a fresh certificate.

Depending on what software you used to obtain the certificate, there might be a convenient feature to “renew” by obtaining a new one. However, if you used a web-based tool (it wouldn’t be the Let’s Encrypt web site itself, because there’s no web-based certificate issuance feature created by Let’s Encrypt itself; maybe ZeroSSL or gethttpsforfree?), there is probably no automated way to handle this and you’ll probably need to redo the same steps that you followed the first time.


You may want to switch over to using the CPanel official Let’s Encrypt client rather than the way you initially generated the certificate. The CPanel client should handle the automatic renewal without you having to worry about anything. If you do switch to CPanel client, remember to set a valid email address just in-case the renewal does happen to fail.’s+Encrypt+Plugin


If u generate it from other services then u have to update it in your cpanel but by renewal from same client doesn’t require or if


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