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I received email from Letsencrypt to renew my SSL certificate as its being expired in 30 days. But when I went in to my Siteground cPanel to renew, I couldn’t find a button to click to renew. But when I clicked the “Details” button, it displayed the following msg on to of the pop up window.
“Certificate for will be renewed automatically before: 6/23/2018”

My question is, do I still need to manually renew the SSL certificate, even if it seems like its on auto renewal? If so, how can I renew manually. I don’t see any renew button in the cPanel. I know its more of a SiteGround question.




The email is just a regular notice to remind you to renew , if you scroll down, it will also say “if you already renewed, ignore this message” (snce it’s sending from automated system)

Also, some cPanel will renew it for you. (Seems siteground has this feature)

Thank you

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Sometimes this happens because the exact list of domain names in the certificate has changed by removing one. The renewal reminder doesn’t know whether the removed name needs to be part of the new certificate or not.

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