Recovery method of mailing list

Update of the certificate has received the required e-mail. Wrong, it was a stain when you click on the URL of the mailing list released. Certificate of I-mail you want to receive continuously for the update, I do not know how to cancel the release of the mailing list, how you can receive a continuous information about the certificate be updated by. Thank you.

I have a hard time understanding your question. But it sounds like maybe you are saying: “I unsubscribed from expiration emails, but I would like to start receiving expiration emails again.” Is that correct? If that is correct, please send me a private message with your email address and I’ll fix it.

Yes, that’s right. Again, I want to receive mail. Since the transmission method of private messages do not know, we send from here. is this good.

Click on the name “jsha”. Click on the blue “Message” button. That will let you send a private message where you can provide the e-mail address you need activated.

I have the same unsubscribe problem (seems I’m not the only one :worried:) so I wanted to send a PM to Jacob

But, I’m probably dumb as when I click on the jsha name, I can’t see any blue “Message” button… Is it reserved in any way?

Might be this ?