Rate Limit Problem


i got several Problems with testing the Beta Client. Now the Rate Limit for Certs is reached. But i got no backup and need to renew my cert in the next 2-3 Days. Is it possible to reset the Limit?


No, there’s no such thing as a rate limit reset. Also, revocation isn’t going to help, but in your case that’s not an option anyway apparently.

You should have experimented with the --test-cert option before trying to retrieve a working certificate.


At the time being, there is no way to reset the rate limit. You should use the staging environment for testing.


Okay so i have to wait 7 days right?


Depends on when your first certificate for that domain was issued. It’s a sliding window of 7 days, so if the first certificate was issued more than 7 days, but other certs less than 7 days, you’ve got a “slot” for one domain, before hitting the limit of 5 certs per 7 days again.