Is rate limit reset every sunday or one week after the first request?

Does the rate limit imposed on requesting certificates is a limit imposed from the Let’s Encrypt server or is a limit from the certbot client? Because I was trying to create certificates for a domain and I didn’t use the --staging option so I hit the rate limit. Do I have to wait seven days from the first request?

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It’s a rolling window calculated at the Let’s Encrypt API, so one week after the first request (as long as you’re not above 20/20, which is possible). You can get an exact-(ish) time when any domain-based rate limits expire using , assuming the CT logs are caught-up enough to be accurate (a couple of hours typically).


Nice tool, thank you! And if I retry without success to renew the certificate, will it reset the counter for 7 days again or it just stays at the first issuance fail?

Encountering a rate limit error won’t increase your rate limit.

If you fail to issue a certificate because of a failed validation, then you would be subject to the 5 Failed Validations per Hour rate limit.


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