Error: LE validation

As a result of an error when debugging a script, I got this error
I confess I was inattentive
I now need to wait a week to reset the limit?

That error is very non-specific. What software did you get it from? Is that the entire message?

If you have a failed validation attempt, you can try again immediately. If you have five in a row, you have to wait for one hour. The rate limits that require waiting for a week are only those where you’ve issued too many certificates for the same domain name.

The error looks like this
Vesta php5-fpm+nginx
I have a second case, too many certificates issued.When debugging a script, I inadvertently requested the certificate too many times in a short time.Now comes to wait a week?
Own fault, carelessness and distracted.Before that, with the certificate, everything was fine

You can learn about the rate limits at

It’s not really clear what the reason for this particular error was. But if you were allowed to try to get it and then you just failed the validation for a reason that you understand, you should be allowed to try again in an hour.

For this case, you probably do have to wait a week. You could try to check with

I’ll wait a week.Limit in any way can not be reset?I still manually set a certificate that I had in the backup.But I can not get a new one

No, it can’t be reset.

Checked out, I requested a certificate of 7 times.
So it exceeded the limit.
I’ll wait a week.

The limit is exactly reset in a week?

Yes, as in 168 hours after the issuance of the first certificate that contributed to the rate limit.

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Understood thanks.
Now I’ll be careful. As long as it’s so.

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