Response status 429, please wait one hour and try again

I've been waiting f

After two days, it was still like this. This is the same as letsencrypt's pagoda server deployment

That specific error means you have already issued at least 5 certificates for those names.

It will expire in a week.

You should use one of the 5 already issued certificates.


Hello, the error is reported due to five errors. The above prompt is to try again in an hour, but I have been waiting for two days and still report the same error

The prompt is lying. That error needs one week to go away.

Please read this page carefully:


Wait a week? What if it's urgent? The website here is waiting for approval

Well... where are the five other certificates?


I seem to have found a solution. Thank you, friend

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If it were urgent, you shouldn't have hit a rate limit to begin with, but experiment/test on the staging server. If it were urgent, one should have been more careful. Urgency is NOT an excuse for anything rate limit related.


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