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Hey guys,

I’d rather to not share my Domain name, but i’d like to ask is there any way to reset the Certificates for a Domain ?

I wasted all the available (5) because i was trying different setups into my server and now I’m stuck without a cert because i exceed the limit…

Thanks in advance!


Hi @marchann2,

No, there is no way to reset the rate limit. Anyway, I suppose you have reached the 5 duplicated certificates per 7 days so if you add or remove a domain/subdomain from that certificate you could issue a new certificate now. I mean, if you are trying to issue a certificate for domain.tld and www.domain.tld, you can issue a certificate adding for example dev.domain.tld to that cert or removing one of the domains/subdomains like www.domain.tld.

If you need to test the process, there is a staging server that you should use and once you are happy with the process, switch to production to issue your real certs.



If you hit the failed validations rate limit instead, that only lasts 1 hour.


Apparently it’s not the failed validations rate limit but 5 duplicated certs / week. I addressed certs for the same domain --> domain.tld only.

Does the limit reset every Monday or every week (7 days) after hitting the (5) rate limit?


It’s a rolling window, from right now to 1 week ago. You just have to wait until only 4 certificates have been issued in the last 168 hours.

You can use something like https://crt.sh/ or https://letsdebug.net/ or https://tools.letsdebug.net/cert-search to see when that will be.


Thanks alot guys! Tomorrow i’ll be able to issue another Cert.


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