Reset 7 day limit?



I screwed up installing my signed certificates a few times and hit the maximum of 5. I then figured out how to do it correctly (did it right the first time on a different domain). Is there a way to request a reset of the 7 day limit? I’d prefer not to wait because my site is live!


Thanks much!


Unfortunately, it’s not possible to reset the rate limits. Since you apparently ran into the “Duplicate Certificate” rate limit of 5 per 7 days, rather than the “Certificates per Registered Domain” limit of 20 per 7 days, there’s a possible workaround: add a subdomain or any other domain to your request, and you’ll have another 15 attempts to get it right. :wink: I would recommend using the staging environment for further testing - with certbot, simply add --staging to any command. Once everything’s configured properly, repeat without --staging and you’re good to go.


Holy smokes, that worked perfectly!

Thanks so much!!


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