Rate limit increase was approved - is PSL necessary for it to take effect?

Hello Let's Encrypt,

Domain: eth.limo

Our domain was recently approved for a rate-limit increase. We received an email with the following:

"Comment from the review team: Approved, but we don't anticipate approving any future increases in this adjustment; please submit your domain(s) for inclusion in the Public Suffix List."

We are in the process of migrating production environments from ZeroSSL to Let's Encrypt now that we have had our request approved. Unfortunately ZeroSSL does not support the Public Suffix List and doing so could potentially impact issuance of wildcard certificates for our domain.

My question is - have the rate limit increases already been applied, or are they contigent upon adding our domain to the PSL?

We were planning on submitting the domain to the PSL once the migration is complete and we are no longer relying upon ZeroSSL. Doing so prior to the migration is risky and we would prefer to avoid doing so. Can anyone from the Let's Encrypt team clarify this for us?

Thank you!

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Hi @lumbering-sadhak,

I don't work for LE, but the way I read this message is that the increase has already been applied and that the PSL submission is recommended for future-proofing.


Thanks, I appreciate the second set of eyes! I'm probably being over-cautious here, but I didn't want to move forward with the migration without double checking.


This is correct.


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