PSL list update request

we’re eager to replace our wildcard certificate from StartCom with Let’s Encrypt. We have 300k subdomains on a single domain so the rate limits don’t allow us to issue certificates the normal way. We filled out the rate limit form but didn’t hear back from LE for a few weeks now, but we’ve had a PSL listing underway as a backup strategy.

We have now been listed in the PSL (, the change is already auto-pulled to publicsuffix-go. The version boulder is currently using (f5c9a8add78954a8b190cbbad0c60013edbba142) is exactly one day too old (we’ve been added one day later in 8a3c3a141d094a3cef8741bcd6cdad2e1e4a68f6).

I kindly request an update of the publicsuffix dependency to the newest version 52d961d44b1b5cf0105e8243b791d6899cceee31 or the older 8a3c3a141d094a3cef8741bcd6cdad2e1e4a68f6 where we are first listed.

I hope it’s okay to ping @cpu, because the last update (Public Suffix List update schedule?) was handled by you also.

I was hoping this change could be pushed to production next release cycle (Thursday I suppose?).


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Done in, thank you very much, @cpu!

This topic can now be closed!

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Hi Phillip,

I’m sorry! I remember reading this thread but I should have updated it with a link to the PR. I’m glad that you saw it.

I’ll mark this topic as resolved. That PR will go out to production as part of next Thursday’s (20/07/17) release if there aren’t any unusual hiccups before then.


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