Public Suffix List (PSL) update request - 10.08.2017

Hey there,
@cpu - may I kindly ask you to update the PSL? contains a new Domain of our SAAS CMS …
thx, bye from Austria
Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

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Hi @futureweb,

Sure thing! I created for this and hopefully we can get that into production with the next Boulder release on August 17th.

I will update this thread as I know more about when it will be active.

Thanks! Bye from Québec! :smiley_cat:


Hi again @futureweb,

Quick update: our operations team has been doing some maintenance work that has run behind schedule. There isn’t going to be a standard Boulder release this week so unfortunately the PSL update won’t be live in production until ~Thursday, August 24th.

I apologize for the delays. I will update this thread again if anything changes. Thanks!

thx for taking the time to keep me up2date! :wink:

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Hi @futureweb,

Hope you’re having a nice day!

Good news: The PSL update you requested was deployed as part of yesterday’s production Boulder update. You should be all set.

Please let me know if things don’t appear correct. Thanks again for your patience!

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Hey @cpu,
as always - thank you for your good Support! :wink:
greetings out of the Tyrolean Mountains

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