Public Suffix List update schedule?

does someone know when the next PSL ( Pull will be done?
As some of my Domains have been added to the PSL and I need to know when I can start issuing Certs for those Domains without running into Rate Limiting issues …
Andreas Schnederle-Wagner

Hi @futureweb,

Boulder doesn’t consume the PSL directly, instead we use the publicsuffix-go library which itself updates the PSL via frequent auto-pulls. Given that, I think your question is best expressed “What is Boulder’s publicsuffix-go update schedule?”.

Right now the answer is that we do it on an adhoc-basis. I will typically cut a pull request to update the dependency if someone asks :slight_smile: The last time I did so was 16 days ago - perhaps that included the domains you’re interested in? I can verify if you’re willing to provide a list.

(Note: as always there is delay between when something is merged to master and when it appears in staging & production. You should follow for deploy status & changelogs).


Hi @cpu,

thank you for clarification! :wink:

My Pull was merged 14 Hours ago - so I suspect it’s already included in your last Pull.
But my Changes have already been pulled into publicsuffix-go a few hours ago.

May I ask you if you could start a pull again? :slight_smile:

As for staging / production - as a rule of thumb - do we speak about days / weeks or months?

Thank you, bye from Austria

Here you go: Updates publicsuffix-go to +cd40c0. by cpu · Pull Request #2243 · letsencrypt/boulder · GitHub

Generally weeks not months. Staging is updated on Tuesdays, Production on Thursdays. For this PR if it were to be merged before Monday to make this week's staging release it would likely go into production on Thursday, Oct 20th - but that's not a guarantee :slight_smile: We occasionally have reason to hold back staging/production releases (e.g. last week's production update).

Thanks for your patience!

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@cpu - waiting 4 months to get my Domains into PSL required patience - the Numbers you are calling are a pleasure to hear! :wink:
Thx for you incredible fast help on this Topci! :wink:

Bye from Austria

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Hi again @futureweb, hope you’re doing well.

Good news: as of today’s update your PSL entries should be in place for both staging & production.

@cpu - it’s working like a charm - already modified our SSL-Generator-Script to issue Certs for our Customer Domains! :wink:
Thx again for your excellent help on this! :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear it! Always happy to help :slight_smile:

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