Rate limit exemption information

Hi guys, I did not there are other threads for this but I figured it was best to start a new one than to jump on the back of someone else thread.

Just a couple of questions really, we’ve filed for a rate limit exemption last week but we’ve heard nothing back, so my questions are.

  1. Should I have received a notification that the request had been received ?
  2. What is the average turnaround on these ?
  3. Is someone able to confirm that the application has been received and if so who do I need to contact ?

Ta :slight_smile:

Hi @miggyman,

Thanks for writing.

Nope - it's a Google Form and doesn't send any explicit confirmation.

It's variable and case dependent. Typically its on the order of ~1-2 months. It's a very manual process staffed primarily by one individual.

I can check the status of the application but I need to know how to identify your request :slight_smile: Can you provide the email address you used and some information about the adjustment (domain names, account IDs, etc)?

I can’t provide a massive amount as it is a company account, the email address on it would have been sysadmin at motionpicturesolutions dot com

Hi @Miggyman,

I’ve put the adjustment forward. You should receive an email at that address when the change is completed in production in the next week or two.


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Thanks man, it’s appreciated :slight_smile:

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