How to request a rate limit exception?


Could you please provide some information on how to properly ask for rate limit exemption ?


Hi @RobinHaiSoft,

I split your question into a new thread since it's a unique topic unrelated to the one you were replying to initially.

Please refer to this thread: Trial Rate Limit Adjustment Request Form

The most important thing is to very carefully respond to all of the questions asked. Often folks will not include all of the information requested and due to the volume of requests & the staff allocated to responding we can't follow-up if the request is incomplete and it is silently dropped.

Hope that helps, please let me know if you have additional questions!


Thanks a lot for your intervention.
Be sure that we will carefully respond to it.

There is just one question that would require some guidance, I think, to be answer properly.

“How many total active certificates do you expect to need at any given time? Across how many different domains? *”

We are a hosting company, so we have our main domain with quite a few subdomains, including one per Plesk server that would need a certificate each.
Then we have our customers domains, loads of domains. Our customers can can generate a certificate whenever they want for their domain using Plesk, or, we might just generate one per domain (with www. and webmail. subdomains) at some point to make sure that nobody misses HTTPS’ availability. All that being done on a large amounts of servers and IPs.
(Though I cannot publicly give the numbers, I will of course do it into the form.)

What is the short answer that I should give to this question? What numbers really matters?

Thank you.

Can you quantify "quite a few"? In most cases, the gradual ramp-up of rate limit over time due to the renewal exemption is sufficient for any reasonable number of subdomains. Also, please be sure to read Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt in detail; you may find that you don't need an exception after all.

Well, I cannot publicly say how many servers we have, though I can say that during the current Let’s Encrypt deployment, we sometimes reach 20 subdomains certificates creation per week for our main domain, which is the reason why I’m interested in limit exception in the first place. One server = one individual subdomain that manages its own certificates.

You can issue 20/week before hitting the limit. In fact, that is the limit. Renewals aren’t blocked by this, so carefully rolling this out will let you always add 20 more per week indefinitely.

Well, I know the limits already. We happen to reach this 20 subdomains/week limit even though our deployment is quite progressive, which is the reason why I created this topic in the first place.

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