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We are a moderate(?) sized user of LE (we will be at >2000 domains after migration). We have some customers for which we would like to issue individual certificates for >20 subdomains under their parent domain, and we have run into the 20/week limit. After looking at the contact form for rate limits, I don’t get the impression we can request this through that form. Can y’all confirm if it is possible to have this limit raised? We plan to batch renewals for these certificates when the time comes so we can use the 100 domain per cert limit instead, but the initial provisioning is going to be self-service, and customers will be adding domains one at a time.

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search this forum for rate increases - there is a form you need to fill out and it usually takes 2-4 weeks to process


Maybe @jsha could comment on whether this situation is a good match for the rate limit exemption form.

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One could use the rate limit form by this, but I think you will be best served by initially bundling those domains together into large certificates, so you can get 100 domains per cert x 20 certificates per domain per week = up to 2000 subdomains of a single domain issued per week. And remember that renewals get exemptions, so the total number of certificates that can be issued under a single domain grows gradually over time. So probably the most straightforward thing in your situation is to gradually ramp up those many-subdomain customers and/or skip the self-service provisioning step and go straight to issuing certificates for all domains you host (which lets you do the bundling more easily).

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