Quota cycle reset


According to the quota limitation:

Certificates per Registered Domain (50 per week)
New Orders per account per 3 hours.

When is it being reset? weekly on Sunday at 00:00 and every 3 hours at 00:00, 3:00…?


There is no reset cycle. It’s just counting certificates between now and X time ago. For example, to restate the “Certificates per Registered Domain” limit with simpler language:

In the past 168 hours, how many certificates have been issued for this Registered Domain?

  • If less than 50, allow a new certificate to be issued.
  • If 50 or more, forbid it.

So if you hit that rate limit, the next time you would be able to issue a certificate would be when that count is 49 or lower.


Hi @cojalvo

do you create an own client (postet the topic in #client-dev ):

Please use the stage system, not the productive system.

There are own and higher limits.

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