Need a clarification about one of the rate limits

You have one of the rate limits as "300 domains / 3hours / account".
So it means I can issue certificate for 300 domains per 3 hours per account.
Does this number incude the renewals also?

No such rate limit exists.


You can create a maximum of 300 New Orders per account per 3 hours. A new order is created each time you request a certificate from the Boulder CA, meaning that one new order is produced in each certificate request. Exceeding the New Orders limit is reported with the error message too many new orders recently .

Subject to other rate limits, (50 certificates/registered domain/week, 5 duplicates/week). It means you can issue for 30000 domains (300 orders, assuming none fail, with 100 domains per certificate) every three hours.

It's "orders," so yes.


Thanks for the reply and the clarification,

Here, I am talking about the single domain certificate (not san).
So even for the renewal I have to create new order only and rate limit on new order is, 300 New Order per account per hour.
Hence, I can have at max 300 certificate per account per hour including new certificate as well as renewals also, right?

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Yes, but you will probably hit other rate limits before that:

  • There is a Failed Validation limit of 5 failures per account, per hostname, per hour.
  • The main limit is Certificates per Registered Domain (50 per week).
  • Renewals are treated specially: they don’t count against your Certificates per Registered Domain limit, but they are subject to a Duplicate Certificate limit of 5 per week.

But are they all from the same domain or all from different domains?


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