Rate Limit 300 new Orders/3h


My question is about “300 New Order limit every 3hours”
I need to request more than 100k wildcard ssl certificates.

Now I running a task every 3 hours to request 100 certificates preventing saturation, but this is so slow. I fill rate limit form, but this form is about domain requesting limits. I only request 1 certificate for every domain.

¿Is posible to increate the limit of 300/3h temporaly?



Hi @vrubiella,

That’s OK. We use this rate limit form for processing adjustments to all of the rate limits, including the new order rate limit.

We don’t increase rate limits temporarily. If your use case is a fit for a rate limit adjustment we would process it permanently.


Hi @vrubiella,

I believe your request just came in and I am e-mailing you now as well, happy to help!


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