Problem with WHM API


Currently I installed the let’s Encrypt plugin on my cpanel server, but the installation was done when the hostname had a default, but at this point I changed the hostname and is now presenting the error

[SELF-TEST] Has valid license … SUCCESS.
[SELF-TEST] Can read config … SUCCESS.
[SELF-TEST] Can connect to Let’s Encrypt … SUCCESS.
[SELF-TEST] Can talk to WHM API … FAILED: Get x509: certificate signed by unknown authority.
[SELF-TEST] Can talk to RPC plugin … SUCCESS.

Would there be any way to update let’s encrypt settings to recognize the new hostname without having to re-install it?

Thank you

Since this error is regarding the plugin’s ability to talk to your cpanel server, and not anything on Let’s Encrypt’s server side, you will get better help quicker on the cpanel forum:

There is probably a configuration file somewhere you can edit to update the URL. They would know where exactly to look.

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