Error while doing final tests on let's encrypt - whm


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I ran this command: le-cp self-test

My operating system is (include version): Centos 6 - 64 bits

My web server is (include version): WHM 62.0 (build 16)

I did the let’s encrypt installation tutorial, free version.


And when running the test command le-cp self-test I’m getting the following error:

[SELF-TEST] Has valid license … FAILED: Could not unmarshal license: invalid character ‘d’ after top-level value, 2d8c5e957056126ba21b35d12f8d1dd3

[SELF-TEST] Can talk to RPC plugin … FAILED: Failed to call Ping rpc: rpc error: code = 14 desc = grpc: RPC failed fast due to transport failure.

I do not know how to proceed, can anyone help me ??


I assume from the error this is the puchased plugin le-cp, rather than the official cPanel Let’s Encrypt plugin, as such I think the best thing is to talk with le-cp who provide support for their plugin.


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