Private Key to be entered manualy - Beginner question

My newsletter provider wants me to enter a Private Key and a Certificate (see picture) to run SSL for my Newsletter. For the past 9 month with Zero SSL which worked. But now they want to charge much money. I try to find a new free solution.

But I could not find a way to run this on Let's Encrypt. I cannot install software on So I need a solution that shows me the certificate data in the browser.

Is there a way I can do that on Lets Encrypt?
I have access to DNS
I have acress to my regular Webhost but not to the Subdomain

Thanks, Michael


If you can't install software on your server then you could use a manual method. That has you install an ACME client on another computer. You use that to request a cert and you place a file in a webserver folder or a TXT record in your DNS to prove you control that domain. Then copy/paste the cert info from there to the panel you show.

We don't recommend manual methods as you must repeat this every 60 days or so since the Let's Encrypt certs expire in 90 days.

Which ACME Client you choose depends on what operating system you use for this other computer. Below is the list or if you let us know we can suggest something.


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