Plugin certbot-dns-route53 doesn't exist on brew (OSX)

In this doc page for OSX, the installation steps are:

  1. $ brew install certbot
  2. $ brew install -PLUGIN_NAME

(1) worked fine

For (2) I have tried the following:
$ brew install route53
$ brew install -route53
$ brew install dns-route53
$ brew install -dns-route53
$ brew install certbot-dns-route53
$ brew install -certbot-dns-route53

The response I'm getting is "No available formula with the name xxxxxxx"

How can I install this plugin on OSX please?

Thank you

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Hi @welljim, and welcome to the LE community forum :slight_smile:

macOS can be a bit tricky...
Have you tried?:
Install certbot-dns-route53 on macOS with MacPorts


I haven't. I've been reading online that mixing Brew with MacPorts is not recommended and that it's better to stick to one of the two package managers to avoid dependency nightmares :grimacing:

Hm, I'm not sure why it says that. Homebrew does not support any of the plugins in their formula/api/repo.

Here's an open ticket about the plugins on Certbot. There was an old workaround, and there is a new workaround. Depending on what version of homebrew/formula you have, one should work:



I just found that second ticket and will rephrase @_az's advice presented in it:

You should not use homebrew, and instead install certbot (and all plugins) from pip.



I did $ brew uninstall certbot and then followed the instructions here to install via pip. All good now.


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