OSX Homebrew: Certbot 0.22.0 availability?


Huzzah! Anyone know when we can expect certbot update so we can actually use it? Still on 0.22.0 on macOS(brew)

ACMEv2 and Wildcard Launch Delay

The latest version of certbot is v0.22.0, released 6 days ago. The Homebrew formula for certbot on macOS is also v0.22.0, which was merged 6 days ago, shortly after the certbot team released it. (The Homebrew formula is current and up-to-date as of now)


I’m working on documentation updates to Certbot in response to the new endpoint, but you can use Certbot 0.22.0 with the ACMEv2 server by providing --server https://acme-v02.api.letsencrypt.org/directory on the command line.

To get wildcard certificates though, you need to do challenges over DNS. While Certbot offers a number of DNS plugins, they are not available from Homebrew. There’s a Certbot issue about this and a former Homebrew maintainer opened a PR against Homebrew which would solve the problem, but it was rejected.

Telling the Homebrew maintainers you’re interested in this feature could help move DNS plugin packaging along.


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