Not Marked Unread

Sometimes topics with new messages/posts are not marked as unread.
Can only tell they have new messages/posts because their title/subject font is faintly darker.

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yeah… i also get that too

The difference between gray and black is quite obvious here, but it may be different with different displays or visual abilities, maybe a different color can help you?

.title:not(.visited) { color: #08e !important; }

For me, something stronger is more distracting TBH.

If you’re talking about the circle with the number of unread posts, that’s because you’re not tracking that specific topic. There’s a setting, it defaults to set topics to tracked state once you read it for at least 4 minutes. You can change it to “immediately”, so you’ll always get that circle once you visited a topic.


Ah’ha, I see. Thanks. I’ll have to consider changing the reading time to track setting.

Yes the difference between the gray and black title is a little faint.
Perhaps adding bold to the title/subject would help.

You have to be judicious with that - really, bold should only be used if you’ve read most of the topics, which is much more common on a low-traffic forum than a high-traffic one.