Unread Count Not Updating Correctly / Automatically

Where there are a lot of unread topics, the count does not decrease when reading them.

The topic title and the unread message count bubble turns grey but does not go away and the unread topics count remains unchanged. Doing a page refresh updates everything.

Once the unread topics count gets down to a small amount it begins working normally again.

Windows 8.1 Pro, IE 11

P.S. New topics update fine when read. Trouble is only with the unread topics.

Are you still seeing this? We do not have any other reports of an issue. IE11 is definitely supported, but I would recommend upgrading to Edge (IE12, effectively) if you can.

Yes this is still a problem. Just now checked with Chrome it is a problem too. So the issue is not specific to IE.

I had about 80 unread topics. Scrolled down several pages to the oldest unread topic. Read it and several others but the the little blue icon that indicates the number of unread messages in the topic remained and the unread topics in the header did not update.

This behavior continues until the unread topics count gets down to about 10-15 or so. This in specific to unread topics as it does not occur for new topics.

A new piece of info.

With IE open and displaying at the top of the forum, when I open an unread topic in Chrome the unread topic number updates in IE. But not in Chrome (where the topic was read/viewed).

And the opposite is also true. Read/view in IE and count updated in Chrome.

Do you have any plugins or non default settings? If so-- try in a browser you don’t normally use, with default settings. Or use safe mode in your browser of choice, where all plugins are disabled.

Already did. That was the Chrome test. Chrome exists solely for the purpose of stopping people from laying blame on IE for their poor non standards conforming web site designs.

The issue seem to occur if scrolling down far enough that the next page of topics is loaded. Then the count does not auto update as topics are being read.


I am a programmer at Discourse.

I have never encountered the issue you are describing, nor can I repro the same in my initial testing.

I am monitoring this issue and will update here as soon as I have a repro.

Can you provide a screenshot so we can be clear what exactly we're talking about? We can't seem to repro this?

Image 1

  1. Click shortcut on desktop to open browser at https://letsencrypt.org
  2. Click the “Support” link in page header.

Image 2
Note the “Unread (26)” topics counter.

Image 3

  1. Scroll down a couple pages to the oldest unread topic.
    (Additional pages of topics are loaded in as scrolling down. This is what seems to trigger the issue. Once I scroll down to the point that another page of topics is loaded in, it will never auto update again until a refresh is done. Just returning to the top of the page does NOT get it working again. Requires a refresh.)
  2. Click on the oldest unread topic.

Image 4
View the opened topic until it is designated as having been read.

Image 5

  1. Click the browser back button to return to the topics list.

Image 6
Note the little button has turned gray but still indicates that 1 message in the topic has not been read.

Image 7

  1. Scroll up to the top of the page so that the category status indicators are in view.
    Note that the Unread count has not decremented.
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Thanks for detailed repro steps with screenshots!

I have added this issue on my to-do list and will update here when it’s fixed.

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