Need an SSL certificate for a Bomgar server

Our IT team uses a Bomgar server to remotely access servers and user’s PCs over the LAN. Unfortunately our SSL cert expired for that appliance.

Does anyone on here have any tips for managing certs on these types of appliances? What we need to do is get a new SSL cert and then install it on the server. Unfortunately, we don’t know what the OS of the device is and we do not have shell access to it, just the web based interface. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @DaveAlbaugh,

Are you able to make URLs on the device’s domain name serve static files at particular paths? (For example, that might be possible if it is behind a web proxy of some sort or if it offers its own web proxy to forward some requests to another device.)

If not, are you able to update the DNS zone for the device’s domain?

These are the two methods that the Let’s Encrypt CA allows for proving control over a name in order to issue a certificate for that name. If you can do either, there are lots of different software applications that can perform the process. But note that Let’s Encrypt certificates are only valid for 90 days; if you can’t automate the installation process with some kind of script, it may be annoying to have to repeat the process several times each year.

Hi @schoen,

Thanks for that. I didn’t see that there was a 90 day limit on these certs. I’ll look elsewhere for a solution. Thank you for your quick answer and the info I needed.


Sure thing. A lot of people are able to get them to work well with embedded devices if they find an appropriate automation solution for renewals and deployment—but without that, it could be a serious inconvenience.

Good luck!

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