Renewing a lost ssl


I use your service for a while …

Last time, i did an experimental server with a “real” domain.

Now I cannot “renew” ssl cert for this domain (no error messages, no debug …:stuck_out_tongue: )

Now the domain is living at a fully new place, the “old” cert datas unknown

What can I do, to use Your service at the fully new space? Is it any domain-related thing i can give? Or must be wait the expiration date ?

Technical thing: I every time use ISPConfig to ask for a cert … so, i’ve never mind the python and other interpereters how to work :)))

Editing: the ip also changed



Hi @olih10200

this is completely unrelevant. Check the list of clients

there are online-clients. But then you need to install the certificate manual. Is this possible? Your webhoster has to allow that.


Yes or no:)

Im the owner of the doman and the hosted ip too… but when i autogenerated a cert for doman, the browsers sho me errors…

Maybe the error is: first, at the test server, asker for a *… now just for the nain…


That depends on your server-software. What’s your domain name, what’s your server-software.

Certificates are public, so if you create a certificate via Letsencrypt, it’s logged:


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