Let's Encrypt Rate Limits - Exceeded the quota of the 7 days

Hello Community

Following a technical problem I generated several new keys on the same domain and I exceeded the quota 5 générations of the 7 days. So, now that I have fixed the problems, I no longer have the ability to regenerate a new key on the domain.

The problem is that the previous site was already in httpS and that suddenly I will have a lot of errors

Is there a procedure to benefit from an exception?

Hi @mackloug,

I'm afraid the answer is no, you are stuck for 7 days (there is a workaround). You can issue 20 certificates for your domain per 7 days but there is another limit of 5 certs of the same subset of domains per 7 days and seems you hit this one.

If you are in a hurry and can't wait 7 days, you can try to add or remove a domain and issue a new cert (or certs).

I mean, if you issued 5 certs for yourdomain.tld then you could add one more domain to that cert covering yourdomain.tld and for example www.yourdomain.tld.

If you issued 5 certs for your domain.tld and www.yourdomain.tld you could generate 2 new certs, the first one only covering yourdomain.tld and the second one covering only www.yourdomain.tld.

You can check the rate-limits page if you want more info: Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt

I hope this helps.


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