LetsEncrypt Limit Reached; Not able to generate a new certificate


Hi All,

I was testing letsencrypt for my domain. I have generated too many certificate over the week and now I am not able to generate any certificate for last few days…

Is there any way i can delete the last few generated certificates ?


No, unfortunately once you hit a rate limit, the only option is to wait out its expiration.

However, depending on which rate limit you hit, you may have some options. The most obvious, of course, would be to simply use one of the several certificates you’ve already issued, assuming you saved any of them. If that’s not the case, and you’ve hit the duplicate certificate limit, you could add another subdomain to the certificate. At that point it’s no longer a duplicate and thus not subject to that particular limit. Of course, you should be careful not to hit the overarching 50 certificates per base domain. Once you hit that, there’s really no option besides either using one that you’ve already generated or waiting out the limit.

I would also recommend using the staging environment until you have all the kinks worked out so you don’t burn up the rate limits in production.


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