Let's Encrypt in Plesk


My domain is: www. athens-dayandnight .gr

My operating system is (include version):Apache

My web server is (include version):Linux

i find extention for plesk https://ext.plesk.com/packages/f6847e61-33a7-4104-8dc9-d26a0183a8dd-letsencrypt but i do not know if is ok. I need help if i can manually set tha Let;s encrypt in my site.

Thank you

I don’t use the plesk plugin myself, I believe it generally works well, although there are a few issues .

You can manually add a certificate to your site if you want to, yes. There are a number of clients that can help.

Do you have root access to your server ?

I deleted your post. Please do not spam. If you have a relevant question, then feel free to ask it.

hello Serverco

Thank you for your help. Yes i have access in my server.
I try to find a documedation for plesk but i cann’t. Just i ask for plugin.

So if you know where i can find more info for plesk please help me.
For post i do not spam post.
thank you

In your previous post ( in Greek, which I deleted) you were simply advertising "We would like to inform you that you can post your events for free on the following link … " with links to your site.

For the plesk plugin you can find information at https://github.com/plesk/letsencrypt-plesk or https://www.plesk.com/blog/lets-encrypt-plesk/

sorry for this
is auto replay message
thank you for your help

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