Let's Encrypt for Service Providers with cPanel

Hello, I have a vps server for reselling shared hosting and reseller. I want to provide ssl for customers and google said that to use Lets encrypt. So I am here. Now any one please tell me how to start?
Also I have some questions.

  1. How to get Letsencrypt of my cPanel server?
  2. Can I provide ssl for 1 years, 2 years,… 5 years or lifetime absolutely free for my all clients? I have this question because I could see that you provide 90 days free ssl only. After that what? Will you cost for it?

Hi @sirfom,

Thanks for your interest in giving your users Let's Encrypt certificates.

I hope someone else who's familiar with cPanel can help you with this question.

After that it is still free, but they have to renew their certificate because it's expired, and replace it with a new free certificate.

As mentioned above you renew the certificate every 90 days. This does mean it may need to be installed on the web server software again (Apache/Nginx)


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