Legit domain blacklisted (booking.com)

My domain is: craft2018.booking.com

I work at booking, and we’ll have a “craft conference” next week. I did a small static website for the schedule, and published at now.sh, that users letsencrypt to generate their SSL certs. I’ve set the CNAME in the company, but now.sh is getting a 500 error because the domain is blacklisted.

I’m aware someone from booking has to talk to someone at letsencrypt, how can we make this happen?




Let's Encrypt is blocking the request to issue an certificate for booking.com (as well as many other well-known websites in order to protect from hackers, scams etc....)

You could talk to @cpu or send an email to security@letsencrypt.org.

Thank you


Awesome @cpu, how can I get the right person at booking.com to talk to you?



I will send you a DM momentarily with information about the process required.


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