Domain blacklist by Let's Encrypt


My name’s Ratana.
Currently I am creating a website.
According to my host, OVH, I can not create my Let’s Encrypt certificate because my domain is blacklisted.
Could you, please, tell me what to do so that I can unlock my domain ?

thank you.
kind regard

OVH Claiming Domain Being Blacklisted is Reason Why Let's Encrypt Certificates Cannot Be Issued

At a minimum, you’ll need to share the domain name.


so sorry,
my domain name’s


Hi @RatanaUY,

Have you tried to issue for this domain recently? In our logs I can see that on 09/04/17 was considered to be an unsafe domain by Google Safebrowsing. Checking with Google Safebrowsing today I see nothing to report about this site and I believe you will be able to issue without error if you try again.


Actually google informs me that since 09/04 the site is safe.
Unfortunately, I just retry and it still does not work.
I’ll do it again tomorrow. I hope the Let’s Encrypt servers automatically allow re-registration.


How did you retry? I don’t see any requests for this domain erroring for staging or production.


With my web hosting OVH, there is a function to generate a certificate and ratach with the domain.
If you do not see a certificate request, this may be, my web hosting have a problem.
I’ll see with them. It’s strange, because it’s OVH who said that it’s Let’s who refuses the request.


Sounds good. We rejected the domain (with www and without) on 09/04/17 but there haven’t been any subsequent requests making me believe OVH will have to do something on their end.


Thank you very much for your help and your time.
I come back to you to give the news as soon as possible.


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