Google's Safe Browsing service Lists Domain As Unsafe


According to my host, OVH, I can not create my Let’s Encrypt certificate because my domain is blacklisted.
Could you, please, tell me what to do so that I can unlock my domain ?

thank you.
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OVH Claiming Domain Being Blacklisted is Reason Why Let's Encrypt Certificates Cannot Be Issued

blaclisted by whom and for what reason?

make OVH articulate what they mean rather than just accepting a vanilla helpdesk response



i cannot see a reason why your domain whould be on a restricted list and you should be able to use certbot to complete challenges for it

Ignore the token as i do not own your domain and am not able to complete the challenge however as i able to get a valid challenge from LetsEncrypt it means from a certificate issuing point of view your domain is not blacklisted



According to our logs on April 19th Google’s Safe Browsing service considered your domain unsafe.

Based on @ahaw021’s test and a check against the Google tool it looks like your domain has since been cleared from this list and you should be able to issue again without any error.

Hope this helps,


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