OVH Claiming Domain Being Blacklisted is Reason Why Let's Encrypt Certificates Cannot Be Issued

Currently I am creating a website.
According to my host, OVH, I can not create my Let’s Encrypt certificate because my domain is blacklisted.
Could you, please, tell me what to do so that I can unlock my domain ?
My domain
Thank you.

Certificates for that domain have been issued as recently as Thursday:

Regardless, similar issues have come up in the past:

In those two cases, the websites in question had been listed as unsafe by Google Safe Browsing, but the listing was later removed.

I can't speak for the past, but Google currently considers your site safe:

And Let's Encrypt seems to be willing to try to issue certificates for it.

I'd suggest that you try to issue a certificate again. If it works, perfect! If it fails, you can contact OVH and make sure they actually try again, or provide you with more information about the error.


Hi @G_D5400,

I can’t see any reason to blacklist your domain, your domain is not detected as insecure by Google Safe Browsing (at least right now) and seems your domain name is not close to the name of any top 1000 alexa sites. Indeed, you have issued a certificate 3 days ago (but only for not

CRT ID     DOMAIN (CN)                VALID FROM              VALID TO                EXPIRES IN  SANs
132710065      2017-May-04 07:10 CEST  2017-Aug-02 07:10 CEST  86 days

You should ask OVH to provide the log with the error and one of the Let’s Encrypt boulder engineers/operators could check your issue but as I said, you should review it again with OVH.


hi @G_D5400

Agree with @mnordhoff and @sahsanu

Let’s Encrypt is not going to have any issues with your domain.


This is the answer of the support OVH:
Further to your call of this morning, the administrators confirmed to me that it is necessary to get closer to Let Encrypt’s support because the generated error message is good: “SSL task was in error: This domain is blacklisted by Of Let encrypt (”

On 05/05/2017 the Google Safe Browsing service reported your domain as unsafe and an issuance request failed for that reason. Since then there have been no additional attempts. I can confirm (like others in this thread) that the Safe Browsing Report for your domain has since been updated to be safe and issuance should succeed.

OVH's support is in error sending you here. Their system should allow you to retry issuance and based on the current safe browsing results there will be no problem issuing for your domain.


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